Environment & Forest Department

Department of Environment & Forest




The Department of Environment and Forests, Government of Assam is a department under the Government of Assam.
The Mission of the Department of Environment and Forests, Assam is to protect and improve the environment, to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the State, to preserve and add new dimensions to the rich heritage of our composite culture, to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures. It also encompasses opening up the forestry sector for income and employment generation among our people while conserving the priceless biodiversity of the State.”
“The primary responsibility of a transparent and clean Government is to inform the people about public sector institutions. To this end our Government has already enacted the ‘Right to Information Bill’ in the state. Now the Forest Department, Assam has published a booklet “Assam Forests at a Glance” wherein all the basic information relating to the Department and pertinent to its public interface has been incorporated. The information presented is also valuable for the layman and for this the Department is worthy of praise. The booklet contains vital data on the present infrastructure, status, human resource, equipments, natural resources and the rich bio-diversity protected under Forests Department’s guardianship. The revenue generated, expenditure incurred, the various schemes undertaken and proposed for the protection and sustainable management of Forests and Wildlife by the Department, has been well presented. The implementation of various innovative schemes for participatory forest protection and income generation of the forest fringe villagers under Joint Forest Management etc, also finds mention in this booklet. The booklet contains vivid information of the Forest Department and it is hoped that it will elicit the spontaneous support for protection and sustainable use of our natural resources.”


Assam has a wide policy framework to achieve the departmental mission. The government is actively engaged in finalising and revising the policies so that the interest of the people and the state is fulfilled. People’s participation in the conservation of the environment and forests is the core underlying principle in the formulation of all the policies of the state.